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There is a ‘Mayberry like’ quality inherent within ‘Let Stacy Lee George Do It’ which is refreshing and at the same time necessary. It’s that moment when Andy Taylor shakes his head at the town’s mayor saying, “Mr. Mayor, you can’t do that”. There is no ill will on the sheriff’s part directed toward the mayor, just a common man’s inner knowing regarding ‘doing the right thing’.

Stacy’s simple autobiographical account is intended to show the everyday person the route he used to make a difference and suggest why someone making this difference is so important. It is my belief if more individuals had in the past held those in positions of authority to a higher standard, we would not be faced with the results we see today.

By doing nothing and allowing travesties to go unchecked a false sense of security exists within those in positions of power whereby because they have gotten away with so much for so long, it is believed by them they can now ‘get away with anything’ unchecked, that their bluff never be called and that their injustices will never be brought to light.

Stacy’s book shows he has ‘done it’ it still can be done, it’s not too late and if we give him the opportunity it’s still not too late to ‘Let Stacy Let George Do it’.

I can state from my firsthand knowledge, because I have known Stacy his entire life, that his intentions are earnest, he is the living personification of Mayberry’s Andy, who still personally likes the town’s mayor but cannot in all good conscience, sit back and allow him to do the wrong thing.

It seems we have arrived at a point, because for decades we have ‘looked the other way’ as our authority figures made the wrong moral and often illegal decisions, that we are now in a world created by our own ‘looking the other way’ and as a result of our refusal to bring any wrong doing to the forefront and into the light we are in a world where our leadership thinks they can now ‘do anything’.

Stacy’s book exists as a beacon to us all saying: “Look, this can be done, I did it, here is how, you can accomplish this too.”

His simple writing here, which begins with him stating his method, then onto the ways he used the foundational laws already in existence to remedy wrongful actions is now very relevant.

There is a no more pertinent time than now to give Stacy’s written account of and experienced remedy to a world in need. This book is for anyone who has felt helpless as to ‘What to do’. You need look no further. What can be done exists within the words of this eye-opening book, ‘Let Stacy Lee George Do It’.

Duane C. Woodall

August 13, 2021