A heavenly cleansing for some, but pure Hell on Earth to others; it all depends on who you ask. In 1997 politics was injected into my body like a flu vaccine, but there was a problem. The virus now inside me was far from being dead; it was very much alive. As I fought fiercely against this political virus it consumed me like a fiery furnace. The fire still burns.

“There is a no more pertinent time than now to give Stacy’s written account of and experienced remedy to a world in need. This book is for anyone who has felt helpless as to ‘What to do’. You need look no further. What can be done exists within the words of this eye-opening book, ‘Let Stacy Lee George Do It’. “

– Duane C. Woodall, author of “Imaginings: A Summer’s Journey To Insight”

After this book is published it is my belief with a high circulation of this book, I believe it will make government more honest wherever this book is read. May GOD BLESS Alabama and GOD BLESS America.

This book is based on four basic words containing a total of thirteen letters. Let George Do It. A man from Cullman gave me that idea in 1998 the best I can remember. GOD himself confirmed the basic title to this book a couple years ago. As I was in a deep sleep, I heard a thundering voice that brought me out of this deep sleep. The voice was clear, “Let George Do It.” Do what Lord? I asked. The truth is GOD only knows. In 52 years of life “Let George Do It” is the only words I know for sure that GOD has spoken to me. I added Stacy Lee in red and let George Do It in blue to make the book more personable, but when all else fails people just say, “Let George Do It”.
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